Michelle's Absolutely Favourite Things

I'm so excited to share with you today some of Michelle Adams' 'Absolutely Favourite Things'. Michelle is certainly a very talented young woman and is the founder of Rubie Green an eco-friendly textile company based in New York. Michelle's fabrics are fast becoming a favourite by designers both here and in America. I absolutely adore her fabrics and currently have two chairs covered in her East Village {raspberry chevron design} in my front window at Black & Spiro. Some of my other favourites are Tillinghurst and Portobello. Her fabrics have been seen in Domino Magazine and featured on blogs worldwide. I certainly think this inspiring woman is someone to watch and I am just so thrilled to be able to share with you today some of her most favourite things!!

"While rounding up my favorite things to shoot, I realized that many things make me very happy! So I thought it might be fun to show them both laid out flat, and also as a tablescape. I started with my favorite piece of art, which is a vintage Czech movie poster of The Knack (1966). I spotted this beauty on Kate Spade's 'Behind the Curtain' website, and hunted it down at a local vintage movie poster shop! To the right is a framed photo of my grandparents shortly after they got married. It's literally such a great photo that people always ask me whether I left the fake photo insert in my frame! (I have to laugh and explain "no, I do in fact know these people!" haha.) The rest of the pieces all have some significance in my life, such as my Rubie Green fabrics, an issue of Domino where I used to work, a subway map of New York, a small bottle of Stella McCartney perfume (I never leave home without it!), a special note from a friend, etc."

Oh my goodness, I LOVE all of her favourite things too and in actual fact I have some very similar favourite pieces of my own!! Thank you so much for showing us your beautiful things Michelle. If you want to see more you must go and check out her gorgeous blog, M.A. Belle.

'Absolutely Favourite Things' will appear here every Thursday so stay tuned!!