Shannon's Absolutely Favourite Things

Today I'm so excited to show you some of Shannon Fricke's favourite things! Shannon is an Australian Stylist, Interior Decorator and has also written 3 beautiful books; Sense of Style: Space; Sense of Style: Colour; & Sense of Style: Colour & Space. Shannon has also recently started a blog. I love her style and her love of white and colour makes me feel like we may have been sisters in another life!! Let's see what she has to say about her favourite things...

"I've always been fascinated with colour and texture - whether applied to fabric or the fabric of one's life. It is the colour of the things that I collect (whether ornaments or experiences) that keeps me feeling alive and it is the texture of these things that enables me to relate, in a tactile way, to the environment that surrounds me.

This collection of colours and textures represents various aspects of my life and my influences. Selvedge magazine never fails to provide me with a plethora of inspiring ideas and this issue, with Frida Kahlo gracing it's cover, is my favourite so far. I've been in awe of Frida Kahlo's life and paintings for many years now - her work is stirring and layered - and represents my love of Latin cultures and colourful fashion ensembles!

I love to travel, and am always at the ready with my passport in one hand and a Luxe City Guide in the other - which never fails to help me really penetrate the city that I'm in - on a local level. I picked up this Tamar Mogendorff handmade fabric peacock on a recent trip to New York with my daughter Inez - the colour palette has inspired the decoration of my new home and the piece reminds me of a beautiful week spent in this beautiful city with my beautiful daughter.

My children are a constant inspiration for me - they are my guiding lights and keep me grounded. This picture was taken at my son's 2nd birthday - and reminds me of our days spent living at our fisherman's cottage in Sydney (also shown).

The postcard is of the painting - La Chambre Bleue by Suzanne Valadon. I just love the interior and way the colour and patterning work together.

It's always about decorating for me! The collection of fabrics and felt - in calming colour of green and blue (with a dash of yellow) just makes me smile at the end of the day - that's what all it's all about!"

I absolutely adore this collection Shannon - the colour combination is divine - so fresh and vibrant against those painted white floors! I absolutely LOVE it all. Thank you for sharing this with us!!

Nb. Click on image for a closer view.

Absolutely Favourite Things will appear here every Thursday so stay tuned!!