Giveaway!! Earrings & A Hair Clip!

The creator of  has offered to sponsor a giveaway on theNaturally Beautiful Hair Blog.  In  order to win the contest, reply to this post withyour comment, answering the following question -

If you could only give one reason, to someone who is thinkingabout going natural, what would it be?

The winner of this contest will win two items!  A purplecrochet hair flower/brooch and a pair of cotton earrings!! The contest will endin two weeks, on Tuesday August 9th at 11:00 pm.  The winner of the contest will be chosen bythe jewelry designer. Once the winner has been chosen, I will given an emailaddress to where you can forward your ship-to information, to claim your prize.

To learn more about GL Accessories, go to her page on Etsy and on Facebook.