Adorkable Paul Rudd

This has to be one of actor Paul Rudd's best, and as far as I'm concerned the epitome of the 'Bromance' genre... (which oddly enough used to be called a 'buddy-flick'... but no complaints from me with the new moniker cool)... If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend giving this movie a rental... or a download, whatever people do nowadays.

For those not familiar with this movie, Paul Rudd basically plays a friendless fiancé hard-pressed to find a best-man for his upcoming wedding... ultimately leading to a series of comedic 'man-dates' concocted by Paul's gay brother Robbie (played by Andy Samberg of SNL fame). The movie itself gets pretty hilarious once Jason Segel's character comes into the mix... but I think Paul's date with actor Thomas Lemmon's character Doug probably stood out as my favorite scene.
Doug unfortunately doesn't land the role as the perfect 'bro'... but I guess he got close enough (at least for my tastes). But anyhow, I Love You Man is available on DVD, Netflix, and Amazon video streaming.