Not so Lucky Bastard

I was given ample warning not to bother watching this film cool... But given my unwavering susceptibility to the gorgeous dark-haired variety, and a few shirtless screencaps, I just had to see what this was about.

And I've gotta say Lucky Bastard (2009) was somewhat pleasantly surprising and just a little more mildly disappointing than I expected (it's an indy, so I don't come with high expectations anyway mrgreen). If I had to point out a major gripe though, I'd say about the biggest thing holding this film from being outright enjoyable was the fatally flawed plot itself (which pretty much kills any chance for a decent storyline)... and of course some of the supporting actors really can't act confused. Otherwise aside from that, the amount of flesh/abs and kiss scenes is obscene... In a good way cool...
It's rare, but there's really no way I could possibly fit all the shirtlessness into one clip for this movie. The lead actor Patrick Tatten himself is half-naked throughout 70-80% of this movie (no exaggeration neutral). So I guess if you can stomach the somewhat weak plot and inconsistent acting, then I definitely recommend checking out Lucky Bastard. Patrick himself is so adorable throughout the movie, it's unfortunate they didn't have more scenes with his actual boyfriend, cause I think they had better chemistry.