Creative Entity: Queen Fly-Stone

I love these photos of Sy. She is has a very creative energy, that shows in her hair style, clothing and art.

ஐ RASTA GAL (a.k.a. "Queen Sy") is a Visual Artiste and has been lovingly proclaimed as a "Creative Entity", manifesting works of art in realistic, abstract, illustrative and other genres. A Los Angeles native, Queen Sy is a self-taught artist descending from a somewhat colorful, soulful and creative upbringing (her grandmother was a seamstress, she witnessed her dad and uncle's drawings and her mom is a fashionista & poet). Queen Sy is perhaps best known for her unique, colorful, bold and fashionably innovative style of dress, which flows effortlessly into her style of painting. Vivid, eye-popping color combinations are used in most of her works. Her media of choice are (but not limited to): oil, acrylic and graphite.ஐ - source

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