Cross-country Ski Beauty

Blogmate Kenneth over at Definition of a Man posted a couple shots of a gorgeous/shirtless 29 year-old ski hottie named Kris Freeman over on his blog a couple days ago. And seeing as how Kris was one of our competitors in this year men's cross-country ski event, I figured he was worth another look a, uh... closer look cool...
Kris Freeman scan
Albeit from a somewhat earlier point in his career cool. Too bad for the crop, but this is a watch ad after all so what can you do. Anyhow this shot appeared a couple years back in a now discontinued magazine called Cargo back in 2006. I'd since totally forgot about him, but a bell went off thanks to Kenneth's post. Hence my decision to scan the image... along with his recent shirtless appearance in Outside magazine. And for a diabetic no less competing in such a grueling sport... really just impressive all-around with this guy mrgreen.