Forecast calls for Heavy Rain on the PS3

Every once in a while I find myself in a situation of envy towards PS3 owners. Yes, I know it's rare... but on occasion even I'm tempted to fork a little cash over for a second system. A few more games like Quantic Dream's soon to be released Heavy Rain, and perhaps my scales might eventually be tipped cool...
It's not necessarily an action game, nor is it an RPG... Hence leaving what's looking like a primarily engrossing storyline, along with some pretty interesting game elements (I'd almost equate it to those Choose your own Adventure children's series I used to read back when I was younger cool).

But yeah, overall it looks fantastic. Plus the one gripe about the game starting off with somewhat of a sluggish pace in the beginning?... Well, I don't know about anyone else, but I can assure you, were more games to start out like this, I'd be perfectly fine with a slow - pace. (Perhaps a slow-mo and rewind as well for good measure wouldn't hurt?)
Or perhaps you could just scrap the rest of the game and simply keep it to the house sequences? I kid of course, the rest looks pretty phenomenal smile. It's not enough to make me part with my $200 or so for a new system (yet), but it is rather enticing. Heavy Rain releases on the 23rd of February, so it's looking like PS3 fanboys might be finally making up (somewhat) for missing out on Mass Effect's release last month mrgreen.