Simon Le presents Stu Dugan

Some people claim that eyes are the windows to one's soul...

...maybe... But I say even better, they make for a quite captivating photograph (to put it mildly cool) when captured in just the right light and setting. And of course when presented by the right photographer who happens to be working with the right model... in the right place, at the right time... and with the right camera in hand no less coupled with the right len... ok, I'll stop mrgreen. But, I think you get the picture...

And by 'picture' I'm of course referring to just a couple of Australian photographer Simon Le's latest shots of 23 year-old model Stu Dugan here.

I could almost swear were a slab of marble chiseled using this guy's form as a template you'd have a masterpiece on your hands... Or something akin to it cool... Absolutely - stunning.

But anyhow, Stu (as some of you might've already noticed) recently appeared for the Undress to Impress feature in DNA's 120th issue for January 2010. He's also a made a couple television appearances as well over in Australia... but seeing as most of us here are living in the US, access to overseas Aussie broadcasting is somewhat sparring. I think These shots more than make up for it as far as I'm concerned though mrgreen.

Utterly gorgeous. You can check out more of Stu over on his MMahyem portfolio, as well as more of photographer Simon Le's phenomenal shots on his website. Now if you don't mind, I think I'll tip-toe away quietly before I disturb Stu any longer from his apparently riveting reading material cool.