Latest Poll: Working Out

Hopefully by now most of you have realized there's a new poll up at the top left (after about a month's absence it seems confused). This one should be pretty simple and straightforward compared to some of the previous others. It's basically just a simple four word question regarding your current taste for an active lifestyle... Namely, do you workout? And how frequently/infrequently do you do so.

I'm not exactly planning on making this a theme (I know I always say that, but this time around I mean it neutral)... I'm just trying to satiate my ever-present curiosity as to what exactly some of the readers are into cool. And, perhaps whether or not the slow stream of guys moving through this blog leave any personal influence...

Seeing as I asked the question, I figure I should be the first to answer. So yes, I do workout, but not exactly 5 days a week. Just enough to stave off the adverse affects of sitting 8 hours a day in a scenic office confused (note sarcasm). It's odd... back in college I was always under the impression people gained weight primarily from living sedentary lifestyles at home... No one ever mentioned the adverse affects of a 5-day work week once you got out into the 'real world' sad.
But yeah, I do keep active... mostly to stay in shape, as opposed to necessarily gaining muscle (I think I've reached an acceptable level for sustainability cool).... But how about you guys? Would you like to work out but don't have the time? Or do you (practically) live in a gym?... We're all anonymous here so you can be truthful... Rest assured no one will judge you, but do please vote if you can mrgreen.