Todd Sanfield's DNA

I think I've been debating back and forth for the better part of a week now as to whether I should post these super gorgeous shots of model Todd Sanfield currently making waves around the net... or simply opt for scanning an original copy for myself cool...

...I was in the midst of an internal debate... when I happened to have stumbled upon an e-mail from Todd himself one fateful... err... (*browses back through inbox*)... Ah yes, one fateful Thursday afternoon. As you might imagine, I immediately relented and opted for these.
Simply stunning stuff of course. Todd was featured (as some of you might know) in DNA's 121st issue this month. What some of you might not have noticed though is that if you click on the center image above (along with a couple of the others), a certain familiar name appears on the underwear band itself cool.

Todd's appearance in DNA not only featured the stunning model himself (shot of course by New York photographer Frank Louis), but part of his upcoming underwear line was featured quite prominently in each shot as well. And if nobody minds, I'd like to have the honor of being one of the first to praise then line for being quite appropriately... designed. Yes, that's the adjective I'm looking for mrgreen. Pretty - hot - stuff indeed.
Of course it doesn't hurt having the designer/principal model also being one of DNA's hottest features. You can check out more of Todd in the actual magazine itself on newstands, and of course on DNA's official blog. Todd's apparel website is also coming online soon, so be sure to bookmark it for future reference. And of course you can check out more of photographer Frank Louis's work over on his own portfolio site.