Made en France

My latest netflix rental was... well, ok, let's just say it was kind of depressing. Not exactly in terms of acting or lack of substance mind you. It's just... well I think some of the subject matters highlighted in this film are kind of a downer.
But anyhow the movie front and center this time around is an interesting French film titled Born in 68. And, as you might've guessed, I've chosen to highlight a certain gorgeous 22 year-old French actor by the name of Théo Frilet as the focus of this post... (Incidentally although Théo only makes an appearance in the latter quarter of the film, he pretty much takes over as a lead role from that point on)

Without giving away too much though, Boris (played by Théo) is basically a free-spirited shall we say man-whore, who ultimately winds up confronting some of life's harder lessons at a very young age... Oh, and he also just happens to be a superbly handsome openly out son/brother/boyfriend who just happens to look great without a shirt... or anything else for that matter (wow I hope I'm not being too shallow confused).
My apologies for the uh, somewhat NSFW video cool, but I couldn't resist the posterior sad... There was actually one extra kiss-scene that I left out, but they sorta left a 9/11 scene playing in the backdrop, so I found it kind of weird (and downright disturbing... neutral)
But irreverent displays of terror attacks aside, this film was actually pretty decent. I would've preferred losing the two earlier decades and focusing more the latter ones, but that's just my opinion. Anyhow, you can check out Born in 68 over on Netflix or purchase it on Amazon. Théo is also starring in a film (I believe) currently playing in France titled Plein Sud (Eng: Going South). Apparently part of the plot involves him falling in love with the lead role, so let's just say that might be another film I'll be keeping on my radar for future DVD consumption... maybe cool.