Harry's Room

Over the weekend I spent some time sorting through a few things in Harry's bedroom. Wow, don't they collect a lot of things! I thought I was the hoarder in our family but it seems I may have bred another little one!! Harry seems to love collecting things...just like his mother!! He has snow domes which Brad & I always buy him when we go away to a new place, he has rocket ships, he has cars but I think one of his prized possessions is the photo of he and his father on a dirt bike which was taken down at our friends farm last year. After the clean through the room looked lovely again and I thought I'd take some photos to show you his little abode. I had the wardrobe custom built for him by my very talented cabinet maker when we moved into the house last year and his Antique bed and painting above the armchair were special things I purchased for him when he was a baby. I will pass on these two very special pieces to him when he has his own home one day...hopefully he will cherish them forever.