Just for Fun!! And out of pure Curiosity....

Ok... so every now and then, I will see someone with an interesting hairstyle, and wonder what I would look like with that look. I would never ever want to cut my loc's, so my curiosity goes unanswered. Essence Magazine has a cool online tool that you can use to try out new hair styles.

The only disadvantage to this application is that none of the styles feature natural hair textures!

So no luck with my trying on a beautiful afro, shorter loc's, TWA or even a clean shaven beautiful bald head. O well... Maybe I will write to Essence and ask then to broaden their selection. Any how for now, I took a few minutes to goof off, and this is what I came up with:

Shockenly enough, I actually love the short Halle Berry type hair cuts more than any of the others!!  I could never picture myself with short hair... because I have such a big head! But I am kinda liking it.  LOL... but who am I kidding!  Nothing beats my Naturally Beautiful Hair!  I will be Loc'd for LIfe!!!