UK Hunks in Trunks model for Summer 2010

August + Summer + Hunks in their (barely) Trunks?... I'm so sold ...

Granted technically August is the last full month of summer (and we're already half-way through, how time flies confused)... But apparently that hasn't stopped a couple Brit hotties from showing some off this year's hottest trends on a UK morning show broadcast earlier this week cool.

Not sure what to make of that somewhat 1980s circa blue swimwear... But as some of you might know at this point, my partiality tends to fall more often than not with the boardshorts... Most of the time at least... I'm thinking those short white trunks-shorts-thingy might've won my vote this time around though... (that and the model wearing them mrgreen)
Oh, how I envy British television sometimes... Technically American eyes shouldn't be able to see this program, but I suppose I can be resourceful when I want to wink... Now as for that last model 'Chris'... Wonder if there's anything else out there on him (wink, hint... wink, nudge cool)