Featured Reader - Dejanee

Name: Dejanee
What is your hair story? I was natural pretty much my whole life. However, when my parents got a divorce I had to live with my dad and my hair became the responsibility of my aunt. She was a hair stylist and that was one of the first things she did was perm me and my other two sisters hair. I was too young to know what a relaxer was or to tell her that I did not want one. What is funny is that I started transitioning after my parents started dating again and where later remarried.
When and why did you decide to start wearing you hair naturally? After I was old enough to realize what a relaxer was, I decided to go natural. I, at the time, had no information on hair and did the best I could.   

What are three products  you can’t live without for nurturing your hair/styling your hair?
Honey - I love it as a pre-poo is makes my hair shiny.

Aussie moist - I love this as a co-wash and I use it as a leave in. People always tell me how good my hair smells, when i use it.
Komaza coconut milk- Ph balance and makes my hair soft.
How can we keep up with you and your journey?