Giveaway!! Slice Ring from PURPOSE


This giveaway is for a Slice ring from PURPOSE.

"This ring is from a jewelry line called PURPOSE. The "Slice" ring is from their newest series called PURPOSE Disturbia - a collection that released recently. Hours upon hours, were spent coming up with boldly elegant designs that were just the perfect combination of risk and class. We used materials such as thumbtacks, mirror shards,  nails, and a variety of reclaimed leathers. Take a look at the Disturbia Series here. The Slice ring made of mirror shards, nails, and leather strips. All edges are sanded so this ring is super comfy to wear!" - PURPOSE
To enter this contest, you must follow PURPOSE on their blog  or on tumbler, and reply to this post answering the question "What does the word purpose mean in your life?"  This contest will end on March 22nd, at 11:59 pm. The winner will be chosen by the creators of the jewelry line.