Interview with Natural Beauty - Isimot

Name: Isimot

Q:  How long have you been natural?
A: I have been natural all my life and when I was 5 years old I asked my mom to give me locs. It was pretty weird to hear a 5 year old asking for locs but it was something I really wanted and I have had them ever since, i am now 22 years old.

Why has it been important for you to follow your heart, and not give into the pressure to have permed straight hair?
A: It was always important for me to follow my heart and not give into the pressure to cut my locs, and perm my hair or straighten it because I always knew I had a passion from a young age for my locs and I felt completely comfortable being different in my skin and with my hair naturally. In 1994-95 (when i was 5) you did not see many little girls with locs so having locs then always allowed me to stick out like a sore thumb but I loved it. I was always one to be against the grain and that is what has kept me from even having the smallest desire to cut my locs, get a perm or wear bone straight hair.

Q:  What would you say to someone that doesn't feel like they are beautiful with their own natural texture?
A: I would say that it takes time, it takes patience that one must have with themself. When that time finally comes when you accept yourself and your natural hair texture that is when you will feel you are beautiful. The most amazing part about finally reaching that point is the sense of liberation that comes with it. But time is of the essence in order to reach the point where you feel beautiful and liberated with your natural hair texture and yourself overall.

Quote: "Living is pretty, and being free while living is beautiful."  ~ Isimot

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