Rachel Lindsay Odem

Rachel has a beautiful and unique look. I contacted Rachel, and ask if she share her natural hair story on my blog. Here is what she had to say:

"Before I went natural, I wore weaves (occasionally) a classic bob, etc. I decided to wear my hair natural back in 1997, I made the decision because I felt like I was hiding my true self, I didn't like feeling.  I wasn't pretty if any naps showed anywhere on my head. I felt ugly, I would run to the salon to get a touch up the minute any naps showed. I hate that feeling I wanted to love who I was without the perm. The fears I had were how would my family, friends and boyfriend would like it."

After going natural - "I use Avlon Natural Textures, Miss Jessie's and sometimes I make things at home." For people that have concerns about going natural - "I would say to them accept that not everyone will like it, but as long as you like it that is all that matters."  - Rachel

To read more about Rachel, visit her blog at  www.MakeupByRachelO.com or youtube.com/makeupbyrachelo.