Awakening of Spring Boys

26 year-old actor Jesse Lee Soffers is not exactly the Jonathan Groff, but he'll do mrgreen...
Boyish good-looks, check... super cute/dreamy appeal, check... incredibly be-freckled visage, check... making out with another cute actor in the Here! televised adaptation of Spring Awakening, che... wait, no sad. That's not Jesse in the second two screencaps of my Awakening of Spring capture is it confused?... Dammit.

I totally caught this movie this weekend hoping/crossing my fingers for perhaps a Jesse disrobing or kiss, and I wound up getting neither. Nevertheless, as someone who missed out on the stage adaptation of Spring awakening back when Glee's Lea Michelle and Jonathan Groff were headlining, I can't say I was disappointed with this admittedly low-budget version (I have no frame of reference to judge this film against, so I can't complain cool). Dreamy Jesse did quite well with what he was given...
And... of course the two actors in the above clip (Jan Milligan and Nicholas Downs) more than made up for previous mis-identification prior to seeing this movie/play. Very err... sensual, is how I'll put it cool.

Anyhow, you can check out more of the Awakening of Spring over on HereTV... Along with checking out the DVD either on Amazon or Netflix.