Photographer Frank serves a Dish

For $4.95 you'd have thought the least they could've done was get the order righ... Oh... hey there neutral...How are things cool? Been away/tied up for the past couple of days, so I figured I'd grab a bite before getting back to a little catching up. (*puts away meal*)
At least thus was my intention prior to realizing my side of small fries was once again missing sad. Nevertheless, I've devised the perfect back-up plan cool... One mind you in the guise of a delicious dish by the name of James (courtesy of photographer Frank Louis of course mrgreen)...
(*Observes James modeling spring outfits by Japanese designer Issey Miyake and styled by fashion savant Cameron Carpenter*) Hmm... well, I suppose in spite of coming off somewhat lower in caloric intake (and perhaps a lot healthier) than my aforementioned ruined meal, I think it's safe to say James might just as well pull off satiating yet another equally regarded guilty pleasure of mine.
And guilty or not, I'm pretty positive a side of gorgeous every now and again never hurt anyone.
James by Frank (2)
(...And for the record, yes I'll gladly take a side of gorgeous, plus a tall order of of ripped any day over the missing fries mrgreen.) Anyhow You can check out more fantastic shots by photographer Frank Louis over at his personal website, along with some portfolio photos over at his Model Mayhem page.