Danny Young (& Others) Heat up the Naked Issue

What a difference a couple years makes. I think it's safe to say that's about the first thing that came to mind upon my getting my paws on the latest 2010 'Naked Issue' of Attitude cool....And by a couple of years I'm specifically referring to about 5 years. 5 years exact since cover boy Danny Young 'bared all' as a Cosmo centerfold back in 2005. That was then, and this is now...

And oh boy, I think I've been left speechless... (to paraphrase somewhat from that utter display of Brit perfection up above mrgreen.)

Although gorgeous Danny may be the highlight of this year's naked issue, he's hardly alone in donning his proverbial 'birthday digs'... Joining him of course is actor Ryan Thomas pictured above, along with a couple actors from the long-running British soap Hollyoaks. (I'm figuring most of these stars are totally unknown stateside, so perhaps citing them individually might be somewhat counter-productive confused).

Just Beautiful...
Danny Young - Attitude Beauty (1)
You can check out more of Danny along with the rest of the bithday-suit clad actors in the May 2010 'Naked Issue' of Attitude. You can also purchase digital issues of Attitude over on their website.