Marco's Confidentiality Agreement

Hypothetical: Say you happened to be attending a party one night (house, casual, formal or whatever)... and you just happen to bump into a man that looks say like this individual below...
Marco Tragger (1)
What, pray-tell, might be your first reaction?

Perhaps a glance or two of admiration?... An impulse to flirt and get to know him better... Maybe for a small percentage of you might feel total indifference? I won't hazard a guess to where the majority might fall mrgreen... Suffice to say this very scenario did in fact take place recently between a certain French blogger by the name of Jerome Patalano, and his chance encounter with the subject pictured above and below; 26 year-old accountant/part-time model Marco Trager.

A couple contacts via Facebook and a few e-mails later, and the end result as you can tell is nothing short of Just Beautiful... The look, the eyes, and the super, super cute smile and all mrgreen.

All in all not bad results for a night out with friends cool.
Marco Tragger (6)
You can check out more shots from Jerome's photoshoot with Marco over at his Paris Confidential blog. Incidentally Marco's also currently competing this month against a couple other models over on Tetu for the Mr. Gay April nomination, so please if you can take a moment of your time to head there and click the Marc button to vote for him, it would be appreciated. (He's currently in second place, but given this blog's traffic, I'm sure we can topple the #1 guy if we all work together biggrin).