Out of this World Photography

In a word... well, I'm at a loss for one at the moment... Suffice to say every now and again it's nice taking a minute out of the day, stopping in our tracks of a moment, and just soaking how amazing this floating ball we all live on truly is.
Amazing, amazing shots for a... more often than not amazing planet.

These fantastic photos were taken in celebration for this year's Earth Day, and were recently featured on (what I consider) the greatest photoblog currently on the net; The Big Picture. And on a day when the south-east of the US just experienced another devastating act of nature, I figure it's all the more appropriate just taking a moment to appreciate the awesomeness that is essentially all our homes.

And yes, I am a believer that the future of this planet currently rests in our hands... but... for the time being, I suppose we can enjoy the present by checking out a few more shots of Earth Day 2010 over at The Big Picture. While you're there, I'd also suggest checking out a few utterly breathtaking shots from the Icelandic Volcano (the name of which I won't even bother attempt spelling out).