Loc Socks?!?

My hair is getting pretty long. To the point where regular large scarves do not cover my ends. Because of this, the bottom of my loc's are always exposed when I go to bed. This has caused a lot of thinning on the bottom.
As far as I know, the only other option is Loc Socks. And these things, from what I have seen are not exactly sexy bed time wear. I got a man and I want to keep him! Kidding y'all... lol. I am sure my husband would not mind if I wear the loc socks knowing that its good for my hair. But I would like to find something that doesn't look like I am wearing a big baggy sock on my head.

I did find one site that was put together nicely:  Dreadsockonline.com

I also believe that Lynjonta.com has loc socks, but their only store is temporally closed. But I saw this interesting loc shower cap (picture below), so I will be going back when they reopen their online store.

Cheaplocksocks.com seems to have a large selection, so I may check them out as well. A lot of their socks are priced at $7.00, but they don't cover the ends. 

There's also, SocLocSoc.com

If any one has tried Loc Soc's from any brand, write in and let us know what you think of them, and if possible where you got yours. And if any one has found a way to keep their long loc's protected in another way, let us know your ideas and tips.