Licensed to Heat

A 24 year-old Floridian licensed massage therapist...

Who just happens to model in his off time, act every now-and-again for television commercial spots... And all the while manages to look absolutely gorgeous in almost every shot he takes...

Who also just happens to be a licensed massage therap... wait... (*scrolls up a couple shots*)... Ah yes, I already mentioned that mrgreen. But yeah, one can only imagine what must be going through people's minds as they're being rubbed down and relaxed by a professional who looks like this guy cool.
24 year-old Justin Maina is in fact a Florida-native born and bred, who happens to also model in the Florida area (as you can tell from some of these shots). He's worked with photographers Luis Rafel and Michael Downs a little while back resulting in some pretty outstanding shots (some of which can be seen over on Michael's MASCU blog).

Aside from that he's also dabbled in a bit of commercial work which you can check out over on Justin's youtube page. (There was actually a pretty hot workout session that was unfortunately erased prior to my posting. Darn my tardy posting schedule confused)

But yeah, I'm assuming Justin doesn't work as a licensed massage therapist looking like this... but again, one can always dream mrgreen.