More Gumdale House

This is the family/casual dining area {above & below}. We used white painted Chippendale dining chairs which we upholstered in a navy & white ticking.

This is a little area at the base of the staircase which we had panelled.

These are the drapes in the Main Bedroom. We purchased the Antique French timber chandelier from a dealer in Melbourne.

A pretty little section of the kitchen {above & below}.

This is an area in the Master Bathroom. We sourced the antique mirror for the client and had it painted white. I love how the mirror itself is yellowing with age. I told the client she needs to get some pretty little vases with fresh flowers and some little tea light candles and put them on the little shelves on the mirror!!

Well it seems another week has gotten the better of me!! I can't believe it's the weekend already!!

To end this week I thought I would share some more pictures of the Gumdale House with you as it progresses. We are still working on the finishing touches so once they are all done I'll be sure to post lots of images of the entire house.

I would like to note that I worked on this job with the client from frame stage. We performed our full interior design and decorating service on this home. Throughout the project I worked very closely with the client as she had many ideas of her own and provided an excellent brief. Specifically I provided specifications for tile selection and layout, cabinetry design, cabinetry handle selection, paint colours, architrave & cornice selection, internal door design, tapware selection, decorative lighting selection and other general finishes. The client has taken only a few pieces of her old furniture into the home with the rest either sourced or custom made and designed by myself with the client.

I spent an hour with the client this afternoon and I finally got to sit down in one of the beautiful armchairs and look at everything we had achieved. It's just such a lovely feeling looking at your work, being proud of it and having a very happy client. That's the most important thing of all....having a happy client!!

Happy Weekend!!