Thank you!

Image via Nibs Blog
Today was one of the very few Mondays I woke up and just wanted to go back to sleep. I usually love getting up on a Monday morning and getting into work as I am so passionate about what I do. But today I could have just rested and slept all day. However, despite my lack of motivation I did get up and it was a wonderful day full of lots of great work. I felt like I achieved so much today....thank goodness I didn't stay in bed!!

To begin this week I would like to thank you all {my lovely readers} for your lovely comments you have been sending me when I post pictures of my work. It's very intimidating posting pictures of your work and sometimes I brace myself ready to accept some bad comments as I know my work isn't everyone's cup of tea and sometimes I think you must all get tired of seeing these pictures!! But you are all very kind and encouraging so I would just like to thank you so much for your kindness and support.

I would also like to thank Liberty Post Editor for the extremely kind post she did on me today. Wow, I was so honored to be included in her Australia Week posts!!

Here's to another Happy Week for us all!