David Vance captures Texan beauty

If 'bigger' can generally be associated with Texas, is it safe to say 'hotter' might work just as well for south Florida cool?
Corey Higgins by David Vance (14)
Hm... considering some parts of southern Texas just might rival Miami in terms of warmer than average weather all year-round, I'm not sure exactly how well that analogy pans out confused. But regardless, I think I'll be sticking with a heat theme for this one... As I introduce yet another gorgeous hot 21 year-old model making his way on the scene...
His name is Corey Higgins... Yes, he's from Texas. Yes, he took a trip down to Miami for a couple days in late August... and of course yes, these fantastic shots were taken by one of my photography idols, David Vance.
Corey Higgins by David Vance (7)
Oh, and might I add, yes... these shots can indeed be classified as (sensationally) hot cool....

Perhaps so much so it might be enough to land good Corey here as one of the main attractions in one of David's upcoming coffee table photography tomes?... I suppose it remains to be seen...

...But as I've been told, aside from David's latest work Erotic Dreams coming out next month, there is in fact a shall we say jungle themed project currently in the works cool.

Jungle, hot Texan model, wild foliage... Hot model and hot foliage in the Florida wilderness... looking hot? Definitely something to look out for I'd imagine. Anyhow you can check out (as always) more of David's work over at his photography print page. And of course, model Corey Higgins has his own portfolio already set up over at MMayhem.
Corey Higgins by David Vance (10)
Texas beauty meets the lens of one of south Florida's hottest photographers? Definitely a match made in Just Beautiful heaven.