Maxwell Zagorski appears on OLTL

Aside from the apparent obvious (i.e. the fact that this Maxwell here is quite easily one of the hottest models bar none at the moment), it's nice to see him finally branching out somewhat mrgreen... A One Life to Live daytime cameo is as good a place for a nascent acting career isn't it?...

I mean seriously, where better to go for what amounts to consistent/daily gratuitous displays utterly perfect shirtlessness?
Suffice no time was wasted putting the main attraction front and center... literally... (He's basically playing an 'life studies' model, so the justification/rationale is there I suppose... to some degree...)
How unfortunate this show's currently on the ropes ratings-wise. But yeah... with regards to Zagorski himself, I suppose with a few acting lessons the sky might be the limit cool... (I mean the guy does literally look like the comic-book version of Captain America-come-to-life so who knows...)