Nicole's Sisterloc's

Read this readers contribution from Nicole about her new Sisterloc's:

Q: How long have you been Natural? If you transitioned from process hair to natural hair, what made you want to change?
A: I have been natural for a year but unfortunately I wore weaves for that whole year. I stopped processing my hair because I thought it was an unnecessary expense since I did wear weaves and I wanted healthy hair. I now currently rock 2 day old sisterlocks. Which I am excited about!

Q: What has been the most amazing or suprising part of your having natural hair?
A: The most surprising part of going natural was how beautiful I looked with my natural fro. As sad as that sounds, I didn't know I would be so beautiful or as beautiful as I was with my long flowing weave. But I love the way I look with natural hair.

Q: What is your maintenance routine? What product do you love?
A: Right now I have a shake and go routine...still new to the sisterlocks.

Q: What advice do you have for any one that is considering going back to their natural texture or getting their hair loc'd?

A: Be fearless. Going natural is scary for black women...society has made us afraid to love ourselves the way God made us. So I would say do not be afraid to be you, because the natural you is the most beautiful. And I am so happy I stopped damaging my hair with chemicals.

Q: How can we keep up with you and your journey (for example: facebook, fotki, tumblr, twitter, and more)?
A: Facebook. I have a photo album that I will update often to show my sisterlocks journey.