Felicity's Absolutely Favourite Things

I am so excited to present our first 'Absolutely Favourite Things' piece which is from the very lovely Felicity at All Things Bright & Beautiful. Felicity is an Australian painter living in Hong Kong and her colourful blog is full to the brim with beautiful and inspiring images just as her title indicates. Her blogger help series has helped so many bloggers including myself and she is always so willing to offer her help and advice to anyone who asks. Felicity was the first person to respond to my new series when I sent out the invitation a couple of months ago. Here is what she has to say about her favourite things...

"Ah my favorite pieces - well, I can't really set my 3 children and hubby on the table and photograph them :-) so here are 2 of my favorite pieces.

My mother's cut crystal and sterling silver perfume and cream bottles pictured here (in need of a polish!!) with some other things from her dresser.

My mother appreciates beautiful things and there are so many lovely things in the home I grew up in and these are my favorite because they remind me of her. They are so pretty, lady-like, timeless and elegant all at the same time - a lot like her I guess."

Thank you so much Felicity for showing us a few of your favourite things! I must say I absolutely LOVE your special things but then again I think I just about love anything which is blue and white!!

'Absolutely Favourite Things' will appear here at ABT every Thursday so stay tuned!!!

Image by Felicity @ All Things Bright & Beautiful