Fantastical Photography

I'm convinced that photographer Trey Ratcliff has got to be undoubtedly one of the (if not the) greatest HDR photographer in the business...

The photography I swear just keeps getting better and better, and might I add absolutely awe-inspiring confused... Granted it doesn't hurt that the guy's using a $6,000 camera to capture most of these eek... But really the equipment only goes so far compared to the dedication and effort it takes to travel literally through all four corners of the world to capture these amazing photographs.

Absolutely beautiful... If but only I could step through some of these pictures to visit these places confused... The rendering almost makes it seem like an entirely different world (for sure a far cry from New Jersey no doubt mrgreen).

Anyhow, shocker of shocks, I've replaced quite a number of my gorgeous guy rotation wallpapers with a couple of these... (and yes I'm a huge fan of his). You can follow up/check out more of photographer Trey's one-of-a-kind eye for beautiful captures over at his flickr stream. Oh, and of course don't forget to check out his actual blog where all the real action happens cool.