Rue's visit to the White House

Rue Mapp created a great website called Out Door Afro. It is a site the encourages African Americans to get out and enjoy outdoor recreation. Activities like skiing, rock climbing, hiking, sky diving, and more...  are all things that people from any culture can go out and enjoy.  Because of Rue's great work with her website, public speaking and for reaching out to the community, she was invited to go the White House for the first ever America’s Great Outdoors conference.  "This event was designed to bring leaders from around the country to discuss ways to re-connect Americans to the Great Outdoors and also hosted the historic signing of the Presidential Memorandum on the topic."

"President Obama, who stood mere feet from where I was seated, impressed upon us in his speech that reconnecting all Americans to the outdoors  honors our collective national heritage. The President said “few pursuits are more satisfying to the spirit than discovering the greatness of America’s outdoors,” which referenced his personal family value of outdoor recreation."

Check out Rue's interview on the Naturally Beautiful Hair Websites interview page.  I was also interviews by Rue, and had a chance to talk about my own experiences with learning to love outdoor activities. To see my interview, click here.