Nick Ayler heats up Spring

Focused, out-going, determined, friendly, and ambitious are but only a few characteristics some would use to describe this gorgeous up-and-coming (and at the moment, highly sought after) model cool...
Ok, who am I kidding cool... those were actually a couple adjectives 23 year-old model/DJ/recording artist Nick Ayler used to describe himself mrgreen... and more or less his drive to be the best at whatever he does, whenever he takes it upon himself to do 'it'...
With of course the proverbial 'it' in this case amounting to simply lighting up a camera every - chance - he - gets cool.
Considering Nick happened to have recently made his way before pro-amongst-pros, Florida-based photographer Michael Anthony Downs' lens, I'm sure as some of you can tell from these shots the ultimate results are nothing short of soaring high into the stratosphere of Just Beautiful photography.

And did I mention along with another follow-up shoot to complement this one, Nick here is already slated as one amongst twelve for the soon to be released 2011 MASCULINE calendar by Michael Downs? Sounds... well, let's just say a couple summer months flash across my mind when I get a mental image of this guy cool.

Pure, pure stunning... And definitely a face to keep an eye out for in the upcoming months/year(s) to come cool.