Fun Updo!

I am loving my loc updo right now. It is a fun look that isgreat for the office or for a formal event.

Get this look!   To createthis updo, try the following steps below. If you can, wash your loc'sfirst or spritz them with a setting spray, so that when you take your hairdown (after you hair is completely dry), you will have a nice curlpattern.  
1.      Braidyour loc's into sections, using 6 or so loc's per braid. Use a rubber band thatmatches your hair color, to secure the end each braid.  I always washmy hair the night before I do this style, so it gives my hair a chance todry a bit, before creating this updo.
2.      To startthe updo, pull all your braids into a high ponytail.  Ialways do a two section ponytail because my loc’s are long and can be heavyin an updo. With a two part pony tail, you make a ponytail withall your loc braids, except the ones that are on the crown/front edges ofyour head. Once you have created your first ponytail, and have adjusted it so it’scomfortable, add the remaining loose braided loc's to your first ponytail, witha second pony tail holder. 
3.      Onceyou created a ponytail, continuously grabbed a one of your loc braids fromthe bottom of the pony tail and reach it around to the top and tuck it in tothe hair band. Because my loc's are long, I don't need to use hair pins. But ifyou are having problems with getting the braids to stay tucked in, use hairpins to secure each braid that you want to tuck in. Make sure to adjustthe hair pin so it is comfortable. After a while, you will not be able to reachthe headband(s), so when you wrap the braid lock around the bun, tuck the end ofthe braid under the closes loc braid, enough to where you feel the braid issecure, and will not fall out.
4.      Onceall the braid loc's have been tucked in, fell around to see if anybraids feel like they are loose or are sticking out; and alsotake time to adjust the bun by moving it around a little bit withboth hands to achieve the bun shape you want. But do not use to muchpressure, or your bun will fall apart. If your loc’s are shorter, you can also puta thin hair net (that matches your hair color) over your loc bun, to make surenone of your braids fall out during the day. To use a hair net - place it overyour bun, and tuck in any loose parts of the net under your bun, and secure itwith a hair pin.
5.      Nowthat you have completed your bun, you can add a decorative headband or fancyhair clip to complete the look.  Enjoy!