Love & Hate

Love & Hate…  Ihad a very eventful morning today.  Icame into contact with two strangers – one that that expressed hate and onethat expressed love. 

Hate Filled Rage:
While I was driving to work, a man was crossing the streetgoing in the same direction that I was driving. I stopped at the stop sign andwatched as the man and his daughter crossed the street going in my samedirection. Suddenly, with out even looking to see of any cars were coming, hestop midway in the street and tried to cross right in front of my moving car.Thankfully I was not driving too fast and was able to slow down to stop as heand his daughter crossed the street. Instead of looking my way and saying thank you (because obviously, youdo not stop in the middle of the street and try to cross into  oncoming traffic) he looked at me with completehate and started to yell out at me “You Ignorant  #%R*&!”  Thankfully I did not hear the end of that statement, because I rolled upmy care window. But by the look of pure hate on his face, he was probably goingtop call me a  B*tch or a N*gger (he wasnot of the same race).  I usually don’tassume such things, but he had pure hate in his eyes, which was completely irrationallybecause he was in the wrong. My first thought as I drove away, is that they guywas probably already angry about something else and maybe even racist (whoknows…). And most importantly, how could he put his child in danger by crossinginto incoming traffic with out evening looking to see if any cars were comingtheir way. The whole thing completely threw me off guard. And my beautifulmorning, at that moment was ruined by this person irrational hateful reaction towardsme.

Unbiased Love:
After parking my car, I started to work towards the buildingI worked at.  A gentleman came to a stopas he saw me and a few ladies on another street walking by. He asked in a verygenuine tone – “How can it be, that all the women in this city are so verybeautiful?”   I instantly blushed andsaid I did not know and thank him for the kind compliment.  He then said with this beautiful smile andglow on his face “You are welcome beautiful lady.” It warmed my heart thatsomeone would stop their day to give such a beautiful message. And he had sucha look of piece and joy in his face that I knew he was a coming from a goodplace in his heart when he spoke to me.

Two completely different experiences, from two completestrangers. Both of a different culture and age groups. One filled with irrationalhate and one filled with genuine love for others.