H & M Time

Having our children 7 years apart has worked perfectly for us.  I couldn't have done it any other way.  However, the big gap does provide some variety...

1 1/2 year old Max loves his visits to Black & Spiro on a Saturday morning so much so that we have to put him on the pink step ladder because otherwise the entire shop would be redecorated {Max style}. He really gets excited about being at the shop.

8 year old Harry on the other hand immensley dislikes our Saturday morning visits to the shop.  He says it's boring which it most probably is for him considering I've been taking him in on a Saturday morning since he was little.  Notice how slumped he is in the chair at Black & Spiro.  He really loathes going to the shop.

I love the contrasts the age gap provides and no doubt by the time Max is Harry's age he too will be completely over our Saturday morning shop visits.

Talking about the kids, I really, really need to spend some time with them.  I have been working really hard lately and I need to take a very short break from the blog to have some fun with them. 

I'll be back towards the end of next week...not long!!