Natural Beauty of the Week - Nola Henry

 Gorgeous loc hawk from Barbados beauty - Nola Henry.
More about Nola:

Where? I'm located in Barbados

What im passionate about?  I'm passionate about beauty, style, fashion and natural hair. I also love to encourage and educate people about natural hair also help them to find more ways to feel beautiful and alive with it just as they would with relaxed hair.

What inspires your style?  My style........pretty much I like to do my own thing. I call it living la vida nola lol.. I create new styles, to set new trends and sometimes when I see some relaxed hair styles that everyone's rockin, because its the ish.  I try to deliver that same type of stye for my clients or myself, so we are not left out the loop...natural hair can be fierce n beautiful we just need to embrace it.

What is your advice for women looking to find a way to express who they are?  We have one life to live and sometimes we just need to do what we want and quit holding back , its ok admiring others but let someone admire u for a change alittle and make the change u've always wanted .....the feeling is great

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