Guest # 1 - Faux Fuchsia

Faux Fuchsia was so gracious in accepting my invitation to be involved in our recent online store photo shoot at the beautiful Seaforth Cottage.  If you don't already know about FF then make sure you head over to her very popular blog where she takes her readers on her daily journey talking about everything from gardening through to fashion.  She certainly has a wonderful way with words and is very witty and often has me laughing out loud.

So FF I would love to know....

What has been your most memorable Christmas?
I've spent a few Christmases in Hong Kong with my sister and her her husband who live there and I always have a wonderful time with them.  It's cold there and I love wearing all my winter clothes and enjoying how cosy everything is.

 What is a Christmas tradition in your family?
My family lives all around the world so we decided a few years ago in the spirit of thrift to only give presents to the children and not to the grown ups. We already have everything we want anyway and our birthdays are our big present giving times. And because I follow a Retail Christmas, I action the tree as soon as Christmas stuff appears in the shops. This year I put it up in October.

Where are you celebrating Christmas this year?
I'm not sure where I'll be celebrating Christmas this year but I am so excited to be sharing my baby's first Christmas. I have lovely memories of Christmas Day with my family where my Mum cooked a beautiful traditional roast lunch and made a pudding and we were all so excited to see what Santa left us under the tree. I can't wait to share these traditions with my son.

What are you giving for Christmas this year?
I'm not sure what I'll be giving for Christmas because I haven't started my shopping yet but I really do love to give books as gifts.

What do you hope to receive for Christmas this year?
Now that I have my baby, there's nothing more in the world I really want. Although jewellery is always welcome!

 What does Christmas mean to you?
This is my first Christmas as a mother which I am very excited about. It used to mean time off work, travelling, cooking huge feasts, beach holidays and lots of presents but I think this year the focus will be on the Baby's First Christmas, and creating special memories for him. Everyone has told me that having a baby at Christmas time makes it so much more fun and special.

FF, I'm sure you are going to have a very special Christmas this year with your beautiful baby boy.  Thanks so much for being part of our online store Christmas/Summer photo shoot.  It wouldn't have been the same without you!!

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