Natural Hair Couple Doll for Dinah!!

One of my favorite projects that I have done since startingthe Natural Girls United! Natural Hair Doll's project - is creating a couple doll set, for Dinah and herFiance. Dinah wanted to find a ethnic doll that matched her hair, skin tone andfeatures. She also wanted to find a African American Ken doll that closelyresembled her Husband-to-be. Working together, we choose a beautiful ethnicbarbie doll with a curly Afro puff ponytail from my collection and a handsomeKen doll.  Both dolls will make a great addition to her wedding decor. Iam so excited for the couple and very honored to be able to help with makingher big day even more special!

"I have just brought one for these beautiful dolls formyself as representative of me on my wedding day- multicolored Afro.Keep up the good work!" -  Dinah