Guest # 2 - Joshua Jones

My second guest over in our Summer Vignette is the very chic Joshua Jones.  Josh, as we like to call him, is the General Manager and Buyer for Brisbane's top fashion Emporium, Jean Brown {}. 

He always looks so groovy and stylish and is one of the nicest people you would ever wish to meet.  Oh and did I mention he used to be the State Manager for Ralph Lauren...

Here's what Josh had to say about Christmas;

What has been your most memorable Christmas?
I think childhood memories of Christmas are my favourites! My grandparents had a house in Tasmania when I was a child. Most of the extended family would try and make it down there to have a large joint Christmas. Because we were all catching up after a big year it became a whole celebration rather than just Christmas, and would take up the entire month! My grandmother was quite the cook and with my mum and all her sisters in the kitchen, it was the place to be - especially waiting for a fresh, raspberry-filled sponge cake!

What is a Christmas tradition in your family?
Presents in the morning and then everyone pitches in to get the Lunch ready! Lunch normally goes for a good 4 hours and then a few quiet drinks after clean up. Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without some reflective drinks at the end of a long day. Then we normally get family rivalry back on, and bring out the board games!

Where are you celebrating Christmas this year?
I will be starting in Samford this year to see my partner’s parents then off to Maleny to have lunch and a sleep over at my family’s. A country Christmas all round!

What are you giving for Christmas this year?
I like to find individual items, such as antiques and quirky one off pieces. A few bits and bobs from Black and Spiro never go astray! And handmade cards and wrapping paper always set things off and add that personal touch.

What do you hope to receive for Christmas this year?
An orange box is always nice! Honesty, I don’t mind. It is always the thought that counts, and some of my most treasured gifts received are the ones I would never expect.

What does Christmas mean to you?
Christmas is a time when I can really catch up with my family as a whole. It really means laughing, relaxing, watching my nieces and nephews grow up, pretend to be a kid again and eating lots! 

A huge thank you to you Josh for being apart of our Christmas/Summer photo shoot.  You looked so cool on that gorgeous vintage bike!!  Oh and I loved your orange shorts and your YSL tote bag didn't go unnoticed!!xx

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!

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