Interview with Lia Miller

Tell me about yourself:

"I am a single mother of three daughters. One of whomis a teenager. I promote natural living, active parenting and aspiritually driven lifestyle. I am a commercial print and promotional modeland, have worked in nursing, the past 12 years. I also have background in highend fashion resale/retail and boutique ownership. I have lived in a total oftwo countries, seven states, approximately 25 cities and every coast in the US. I canrelate to most anyone. My talents are - cooking and concept creating. I standon an active children right’s platform, with a strong focus on the abolishmentof child sex trafficking. I enjoy - playing with my children, reading, cooking,quote and poetry writing, reflexology, attending concerts, swimming, finedining, natural alternative research and watching new films. I love my life andwould not change a thing."

Tell me about your natural hair:
"I have been natural most of my life because of mytri-racial makeup. I made attempts to use relaxers in the past, but chemicalsnever took to my hair. With one shampoo or drop of rain, my kinks and wavesreturned. I feel and look far better with my natural hair. Now that I amcompletely natural, to the point of just “wash and go,” it has affected me in avery positive way. I don’t have to spend any of my time styling my hair, norbuying an excessive amount of products. Being natural tends to bother some people."  Not everyone is "kink/curl fans. I ownmy beauty and can only encourage opposing views to remaining true to characterand self confidence. I have always described my hair as a war against manynations, that are all leading in equal victory. My hair is kinky, curly, wavyand silky. With a good conditioner and brushing, it becomes straight towavy.  My hair regiment is very simple. Ishampoo daily, with Miss Jessie’s Shampoo and Aubrey's all natural lavenderconditioners. Then just comb through wet hair with a large comb, shake and airdry. Occasionally, I mix and apply organic coconut oil and lavender oil to myscalp and hair. The Miss Jessie’s Super Slip Sudsy Detangling Shampoo is a musthave in my home, as my three daughters are also natural. It is a time, and lifesaver. The mistakes I’ve made with my hair that I have learned from are,applying damaging heat, going against my curl pattern and combing my hair whileit is dry. I enjoy a wet comb through and a ionic blow out, with a diffuser,when I want to switch up my style now and then."

What advice would you give others:
"One piece of advise I would give anyone that is newlynatural or considering the transition, is to allow the walls of dissimulationto fall. Remaining true to who we really are is far more admirable and selffulfilling. The very best thing about being natural is, freedom of embracing myorigin."

Lia is located in Atlanta, Georgia. To see more and learn more about Lia, go to -  Online Portfolio and her Blog.  To contact Lia, email her at