A Happy Ending

From one happy ending to the next....

Earlier this year I was contacted by Jo & Brenden Conolly after their beautiful inner-city cottage, which they had just finished renovating late last year, was completely inundated with water during the horrendous Summer floods.

As I drove away from the house after our very first appointment I just couldn't believe what they had been through.  It was just so incredibly heart-breaking.  I had never met the Conolly's before that first meeting with them at the house that hot, muggy Summer day however, upon meeting them I instantly knew that they were very special people and I wanted to put all my effort into making their house beautiful again. 

The job only took a few months to complete and it was the most rewarding job I have ever worked on.  I don't think I will ever forget this house.  It certainly has a special place in my heart along with it's beautiful owners who are now expecting their first child.  Things are definitely going to be sunny for Jo & Bren from here-on-in, I just know it!!

I wanted to share this inspiring story of Brenden & Jo's house so I contacted Loni from Adore magazine a few months ago as I knew she would love it for her beautiful online magazine.  She did love it and so it is featured in the fabulous December/January issue of Adore magazine which hit the virtual newstands earlier this week.

If you would like to read the story and all the other wonderful stories in this month's issue then click on over to Adore Magazine HERE.