Professional Hair Stylist Tips on Finding a Salon

Haircut 101 – How to Make the Most of your Appointment

With the Holidays right around the corner, women everywhere are flocking to their salons to revamp their tired locks.  But between gift giving and party expenses, budget is also top of mind.  Noted stylist Fabian Lliguin, shares his tips for getting the most out of that time (and money) spent in the salon chair:

  1. Do your research; find a reputable salon with an excellent training program.
  2. If your budget allows, make an appointment with the head stylist.
  3. Go au naturale. Come in with your hair dry and in its natural state. This helps the stylist see your "true hair" (wavy, straight, etc.) and best determine the cut.
  4. Be prompt! Arriving on time allows for a full consultation prior to the shampoo and cut.  If you show up late, frequently you’re rushed straight to a sink.
  5. Don’t be shy, ask the stylist questions during your consultation. Some top q’s to keep in mind – is my hair suited for this cut or style, will this be easy to maintain, how will the natural hair growth process affect the look?
  6. Do your homework. If you have a specific cut or style in mind bring it with you. We may have some tips to alter it for your face or hair-type, but it gives us a jumping off point to insure you’re happy with the end result.
  7. Practice makes perfect. Pay attention to the products used, and feel free to ask if there is a less expensive version that does the same. Sometimes salons have certain products they are required to push.
  8. Relax and enjoy. This time should be all about getting away and pampering yourself.