Our Tree is Up

I was a bit late getting our Christmas tree at home up this year.  Maybe it was because I had already decorated 2 trees for our store and online store and the thought of decorating another one was exhausting!

We opted for a live Christmas tree this year and instead of my usual 'filled to the brim' with baubles style tree, we went for simple big bows which I made in an array of mis-matched fabrics.  I don't think I could have coped with our little Max pulling my baubles, which I have collected over the years, off the tree!!  I have even placed some of the gifts, which I have wrapped in fabric, on our fireplace mantel because I am sure that Max would be into them big time if they were on the floor under the tree...too much temptation!!

You might notice a little origami star which I have hung at the top of our tree.  Well, this very special decoration was made by Henry.  He and his mum, who is a beautiful client of mine, gave it to me on Friday and I was just blown away.  I can't believe that he sat down and made this for me.  I actually had a tear in my eye when it was given to me.  After such a hectic and stressful week it certainly put a big smile on my face...Isn't that what giving is all about...putting a smile on someone else's face and making them feel so special. 

Thank you Henry and A...I just love it so much!!