The Cushion Thing

One of the most important elements in the rooms I put together for people is the array of beautiful, unique cushions I compile and have custom made for their sofas, armchairs, beds etc.  Usually these cushions are made in the most exquisite fabrics which are either imported, hand embroidered or made out of vintage materials or trimmed with fabulous braid or rouche.

The downside of these beautiful cushions is that they tend to be quite expensive.  Sometimes I prepare my clients for the cushion price prior to sending them their quote but sometimes I forget and there has certainly been times when I get the call in which I am asked - 'What's with the cushions?  Did you make a typing error when you wrote the price...?'

During the week we had a lovely young woman into the shop and I was thrilled to hear that she was back to purchase some of our beautiful cushions to add to her collection.  Apparently a few years ago we had made a set of our cushions for her which she absolutely adores.  She was telling one of the girls in the shop that most of her friends have been through 3-4 rounds of inexpensive, ready-made cushions since she purchased her set from us and yet her unique collection still sits proudly on her sofa loved and cherished. 

So, even if you can't afford to purchase them all up-front I suggest starting with a couple and then adding to them over time.  That way you will end up with the most gorgeous, unique collection of cushions which you will love and adore for many years to come...

Or you could be like one of my clients who comes into the shop every week and pretty much takes home a cushion a week!!  With Spring almost on our doorstep it is the perfect time to add some beautiful cushions to your sofa.  They will be like a breath of fresh air!!


image - polly wreford