Natural Hair Coloring Book!?!

What if there were coloring books for our little girls and young women, that inspired them to love their natural hair?  I do not know if a coloring book like this already exist - but if they do, please reply to this post, and let us know the Title of the book and the Authors name, so we can look it up.  Until then, I thought it would be great to start a collection of Natural Hair Drawings that can be printed out and given to our kids, so they can color them in.  Here are few sketches to start off with (see artist credits below):

I will continue to add drawings to an online album, that I will create on the Naturally Beautiful Hair facebook page, to add to this collection. If you have a great sketch or know of an artist that has great sketches, please contact me at  Or you can post the photo on the N.B.H. Facebook wall.

Artist:  Jacques Provitt, Ehlin, SayaDarkholme, Ehlin, Qmab, BasicLee, Izryell, Molleren, Ebonfire, Kevin Winters

Here are a few of my own sketches, that will make great print outs for coloring pages. Enjoy!
Artwork by Karen: