Interview with Sashae!

How did your Natural Hair Journey Start?
I’ve decided to transition because I want to liberate mynatural beauty. I came to the point where I want to show myself and others thatto embrace yourself naturally is a blessing from the Creator and noone should ever be afraid to be themselves. Also I was tired of theperception that “relaxed hair” is the way to go. I want to be unique, andversatile in the way God intended.  

What inspired you to wear your hair naturally?
I’ve decided to transition to my hair natural because; I nolonger wanted to feel bounded my relaxers… Also I’ve came across many ignorantpeople; and I want to inspired others/myself by showing that natural hair isphenomenal. in addition I absolutely decided no turning back when I found yourblog/website honestly that is truly what has kept me going on my journey. Ms.Karen you are my inspiration; your work is greatly appreciated. 

Any fears you may have, had or have overcome?
During this transition stage I’ve been wearing extensions(to grow out my hair) I still need to gain complete confidence for when I’m100% natural to be able to wear it & not be afraid.  I have overcomethe myth that you can’t do much styling when your hair is natural; because“natural hair” is the most versatile. 

What your natural hair goals are for the future?
To have long and healthy natural hair. Also to wear avariety of styles i.e. Bantu knots, twist outs…

What are you favorite products?
Mane’n Tail Original Conditioner, Grapeseed & JamaicanBlack Castor oil, Elasta QP  leave-in H2.
What advice do you have for those who are afraid totransition to natural hair?
“Keep your face to the sunshine and you will not see theshadows." Making the decision to transition to natural may not be easy.However you need to overlook the negative things you’ll here from others, andbe optimistic about what you want. You should have Will-power, Patience, Commitment& Dedication.