Things on Tables

You may wonder why I seem to have an obsession with lovely things placed on tables and chests and mantels.  I think it stems back to watching my mother arranging flowers and shells and paintings and books and bits on tables around our house and our beach house growing up.  I remember thoughts going through my head whilst she was playing around arranging things like - 'What on earth is she doing that for?  What's the point?  She is weird.'

But it seems that for some very strange reason I too now love moving things around on tables.  There is something so therapeutic about it.  I love it.  I love seeing a table in a house against a wall or behind a sofa which has so much stuff on it.  It is so interesting and really shows personality and a love of beautiful things. 

I recently came across this painting above on Pinterest by Elizabeth Cummings via Brabourne Farm blog.  It is so beautiful.  That's how I want my tablescapes at home to look.  Filled with interest and imperfection and love.


Talking about tablescapes I thought I would post this one above which sits in our front window at Black & Spiro at the moment.  With all that has been going on with the online store I feel like Black & Spiro has been a bit neglected of late.  Gosh it's hard juggling everything!

Oh well, all you can do is try I suppose!